The Flower Fields, Carlsbad

This last Sunday; Easter Sunday (4/4/15), I made the small trip to finally seeing the Flower Fields in Carlsbad! Dragging my unsuspecting sister along for the ride. Maybe I’m lame for wanting to see flowers on a field but I don’t care! It was a very cute setup; spacious with a home garden feel. This particular Sunday they had craft stands of an array of handmade trinkets such as driftwood element wind chimes and cute 3D beaded characters and critters. Of course there was the wafting scent of fresh kettle corn upon the breeze and fresh lemonade available for purchase; reminiscent of the local San Diego Fair. There were tractor rides and things for kids to do like pan for gold! Here are some Images through my eyes:

The Flower Fields are open until May 10th! Check out their website at this link for scheduled events and more info:

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