Cars & Coffee, Carlsbad

Today (4/25/15), I drove up to Carlsbad (SD) once more but rather than for flowers, it was for a car meet; Cars and Coffee. Of course it had rained over night and large droplets of rain attached themselves to my once clean machine; adding multiple facets to its surface in the overcast light. The drive up consisted of contrasting Shania Twain inspiration as I dove and dodged through slow Saturday morning traffic.  This was the first Cars and Coffee Car meet I was going to and as I pulled up to the outlets parking lot, low and behold the flower fields I had just recently visited, sat upon the hill behind it. My caffeine deprived eyes found the corner Starbucks immediately as I pulled into the parking lot where people loitered around wealthy car makes and models. I made my round trying to find the least conspicuous parking spot; no I don’t think my car should be next to the Ferrari… Shutting off the engine and opening the door; I slung my camera around my neck. After purchasing a Java Chip Frap, I began walking around meeting new, chill car enthusiasts. This is the car meet through my eyes:

Cars and Coffee Carlsbad meets are every Saturday Morning; 7am-9am(ish) located in the outlets mall at 5620 Paseo Del Norte, Carlsbad. If you are a car enthusiast, or have an interest in cars you should check it out! You can also check out their Facebook page linked here:

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