Dog Days, Mira Mesa & Balboa

I have recently been going to a couple of local dog parks to let free the beast…my “project” Husky. At one of Mira Mesa’s dog parks many huskies attend; evident in the photos below. I also was able to get an adorable shot of the future dog I want; a Keeshond, at Balboa Park’s dog park. The fun part of shooting at dog parks is the valuable practice for capturing many canine behaviors and expressions. And there is usually a vast array of dog breeds of course! Here are just a few shots of some dogs through my eyes:

Some dog parks to check out in the San Diego area; Maddox Park (lots of huskies), Balboa Park Nate’s Point (very large), Poway Dog Park (Has small, medium, and large breed sections). More photos will be added soon from my recent travel to Del Mar Dog Beach! In the mean time, here is a useful link if you’re looking to take your partner in crime to a new park in San Diego County:

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