Monterey & Big Sur, CA

On November 4th and 5th the decision to finally make the trip up to Monterey Bay (Yes, including the aquarium!) and Big Sur was kicked into place; I wasn’t going to allow the passing of another Fall and its foliage! It was an amazingly beautiful trip full of vibrant blues, varying shades of green along the coniferous California coast and dotted with splashes of red and orange. Although I failed to see an immense deciduous landscape that was excitedly anticipated; I instead captured just another inconceivable, nature filled adventure to add to the books. This is Monterey and Big Sur (along the 1 highway) through my eyes:

I will be adding many more edited pictures in due time!

If you plan to visit Big Sur and are spontaneously winging it like I did, I highly recommend checking out the book, Photographing Big Sur, by Douglas Steakley. I Found it at the Monterey Bay Aquarium gift shop and it has exact gps coordinates for many awesome places to see while visiting! Happy Adventure Time!

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