Shipwreck Hunt, Coronado SD

Yesterday ( 2/10/16), was one of those days where you think you’ll be lounging at home on your day off until a coworker spontaneously blows up your communication device with the quest of finding the recently uncovered shipwreck (SS Monte Carlo) off the Coronado Coast. Our adventure began; Starbucks and fat camera in hand, we set off for Coronado. After near run ins with perfect bod runners that seem to litter the sidewalks nearest Hotel Del, we managed to get some directions from a life guard as to the exact whereabouts of the lost ship. About a half-mile down from the Hotel Del we managed to find a crowd and some remnants. The sight itself was a bit disappointing, I’m sure an aerial view or catching it at an even lower tide would have been more impressive as many bikini clad bodies stood upon a geometric formation of what appeared to be stone covered in soft green algae. However; the adventure itself was amazing! Who can go wrong with the imagery and scents of Coronado? One of the many gems of San Diego; here are just a few sights of this sparkling beach town and unearthed history through my eyes:


After watching just another beautiful San Diego sunset from the Hotel Del outside bar (Try their Strawberry and Basil Lemonade! [I had the Non-alcoholic version but to each their own] perfect for those hot days) we ended up at a different, really chic and charming bar complete with live music called Leroy’s right next to the famous Mootime Creamery. Two thumbs up if you need ideas for date night! You can’t go wrong with their mac and cheese or try a raspberry muddled cosmo concoction.

Below I’ve included a link for the history on the shipwreck.–366799351.html

Cheers and happy hunting!



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