The Birds and the Butterflies, SD

It was dark. Suddenly the doors were pushed open; bright light instantly flooded the darkness, causing a brief moment of blindness. Pushing past the plastic strip door veils, I was greeted with a stroke of humidity and a flurry of colorful butterflies. This of course, was the butterfly exhibit at the San Diego Safari Park. Having never been, I had decided to make an appearance a few days ago with my best bud (camera) in hand! Here is the butterfly exhibit and my favorite subject… (BIRDS!) through my eyes:

Don’t miss out on this awesome exhibit! The San Diego Safari Park’s butterfly jungle exhibit (next to the lorikeet encounter) is open until April 10th this year (2016). You can purchase butterfly food (a watermelon chunk) for a chance at an even closer encounter. Below is a link for more info, Happy Spring!

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