Cars & Coffee: Porsche Day, La Jolla

Today (June 25, 2016) was Cars and Coffee Porsche Day at the Lot in La Jolla. Despite driving down Fay Avenue somewhat out of place in the 240, on lookers gawked; eyes hungrily scanning for even greater uniqueness. Both young and old lined the sidewalk in huddles of bound energy amidst the street parked Porsches. Upon reaching the front of the chic Mediterranean restaurant and outdoor patio, it was apparent that the camera was going to be an issue… Here is just a peak at CnC La Jolla through my eyes  as I sadly made the rookie mistake of not bringing a back up battery!




There will be another CnC La Jolla next month; I have provided a link to their event page. Look out for their updates! Will definitely be returning for more!

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