Yosemite National Park, CA

It’s been many years living in California, never having made the trip to one of our state’s most beautiful national parks; Yosemite. Well, this last weekend (1/1/17-1/3/17) the courage was finally built up to kick off the new year right. Passing through the many desolate valleys and farmlands of California, one begins to wonder if something we’ve never even seen is worth the endless miles of traffic. The image of endless stretches of dusty gray tarmac begins to burn into the backs of one’s retinas with each passing telephone pole. And perhaps this is the main reason it seems like the road to get to a new place takes longer than the return trip; where we’re later fueled by motivation that we get from the desire of reaching the comforts of home. Here there was only heavy reliance on shreds of hope to make it to an unknown Yosemite Cedar Lodge.

But, alas! The surrounding mountains began to give hope of something more, with their snow encrusted peaks rising high into the clouds. The sound of the babbling river at the banks below eased one’s mind along the narrow curving roads. And further into the valley of the park it was snowing! Soft tiny white powders floated down upon a rich mossy green landscape. I can now say, having traveled to many northern parts of Cali, it is definitely a trip worth making! Here is a small glimpse of Yosemite through my eyes…


Below pictures taken with a cell phone camera:


The greatest fear before embarking on this journey, had been the difficulty of navigating the park and getting lost (especially without any cell signal!). But the park is made to be easily driven through (sticking to the tourist routes; backpacking alone is a different story), scenic landmarks are numerical and maps and visitor information centers are never too far away. Unfortunately, a lot of Yosemite is closed during the winter season (such as restaurants and most roads like the one to get to glacier point, boo) meaning a lot of the park was not seen. I can only imagine even greater beauty when those roads aren’t covered by ice! I will definitely be back for more seasonal photo taking! The hardest part is starting the journey… so get out and go!

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