Art Career: Born and raised in sunny San Diego I now work on art from the bustle of Chicago and its burbs. While primarily self-taught since childhood; I went on to complete an Associate of Art in Studio and Fine Arts. Fine art studies (high school-college) include working with a variety of mediums such as graphite, watercolors, copic markers, acrylics and oil paints. Over the years I have strived to become proficient in the digital art realm as art is constantly evolving!

Shows and galleries that I’ve worked with and have displayed my art include Thumbprint Gallery, Distinction Gallery, La Bodega Gallery, Yeagley’s Design and the San Diego County Fairgrounds Gallery.

Current goals are to find a position as an artist specializing in concept creature design and or transportation design for the film or gaming industry. As an artist I am always adding art works and creature ideations to my portfolio.

You would have to meet me to fully understand my nerdy, and joke ridden personality. But once you did you’d find that I have way too many interests and that’s because I can’t get enough of learning new and exciting passions!


Associate of Science– Biological Sciences, San Diego Miramar College

Associate of Science– Chemistry, San Diego Mesa College

Associate of Art– Studio Arts, San Diego Mesa College

Computer Experience: Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, Illustrator, 3D Studio Max, Microsoft Word, Excel

Main Interests: Art (focus in concept creature design and transportation design), photography, fashion styles, taxidermy art, cars and traveling.

Something I seem to be unable to give up is driving through the city to explore and meet the many beautiful sights, people and venues here in San Diego! Stay tuned for my artistic posts and future adventures!

“I don’t have time to be proper. Life is short; I want to live. If that means I’m not lady-like then I guess I’m just not a lady.” – Tombstone


Priscilla Bree
Art & Photography From San Diego, CA to Chicago, IL

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