Meet Priscilla Bree

Cars & Creatures Artist

Art Career: Born and raised in sunny San Diego Priscilla found her inspiration in art the moment a crayon was placed in her hand at the age of 3 where she’d use every crayon in the box; and perhaps with a bit of ocd, she made it a point to perfectly color in the lines of her coloring books. She went on to complete two Associate of Science degrees in Biology and Chemistry as her love for creatures; especially birds of prey, drove her towards the goal of becoming a veterinarian. However, while working as a vet assistant a part of her remained missing and she soon found more interest and passion in driving and the aesthetics of cars. Especially since she had found herself immersed into the world of cars with her own car build; a 1991 240sx s13. A car world of many enthusiasts sharing the same passion for cars and she continues to attend these car events for new photos and art inspiration.

She began drawing more cars; trying to capture the same feelings obtained from passionate driving and soon considered a career in auto design and concept drawing to transfer those same lines. Painting car commissions for clients and their cars on the side as well as painting her love of creatures made her also consider the field of creature design in the video game industry. The feedback from these commissioned works re-inspired her and she went back to school to complete an Associate of Art in Studio and Fine Arts to add to her resume. Her dream school Art Center in Pasadena California offered night classes in concept auto design and creature design and she made the commute to further add transportation design elements to her style.

Unfortunately, the cost of such an education was not within her means and she decided to take a route less traveled; to build her portfolio and continue learning through Schoolism online programs taught by online inspirational industry artists so as not to have any school related debts. She became well versed in a variety of both digital and traditional mediums such as graphite, watercolors, copic markers, acrylics and oil paints. Over the years and more recently she has strived to become proficient in the digital art realm working with programs such as Photoshop as art is constantly evolving!

She’s had the privilege to have her works chosen for the San Diego Mesa College Student Art Showcase and later displayed her traditional works in local San Diego art shows, shops and galleries including Thumbprint Gallery, Distinction Gallery, La Bodega Gallery, Yeagley’s Design and the San Diego County Fairgrounds Gallery. Along side of striving to have her art in the film and video game industry; she is hoping to and working on displaying in many more local shops and upcoming shows!

Message from the artist: “You would have to meet me to fully understand my nerdy, and joke ridden personality. But once you did you’d find that I have way too many interests and that’s because I can’t get enough of learning new and exciting passions. I make it a point to combine my love of cars and creatures by doing and visiting related events and I try to incorporate those passions in my work. Enjoy and appreciate life and its beauty to the fullest!” – Priscilla Bree


Associate of Science– Biological Sciences, San Diego Miramar College

Associate of Science– Chemistry, San Diego Mesa College

Associate of Art– Studio Arts, San Diego Mesa College

Computer/Digital Experience: Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, Illustrator, 3D Studio Max, Microsoft Word, Excel, Sketchup, Corel Painter, Digital SLR Photography (Currently working on becoming profficient in Zbrush)

Main Interests: Art (focus in concept creature design and transportation design), photography, fashion styles, taxidermy art, cars, flying planes working towards a private pilot license, and traveling.

Something I seem to be unable to give up is driving through the city to explore and meet the many beautiful sights, people and venues here in San Diego! Stay tuned for my artistic posts and future adventures!

“I don’t have time to be proper. Life is short; I want to live. If that means I’m not lady-like then I guess I’m just not a lady.” – Tombstone


Priscilla Bree
Art & Photography From San Diego, CA

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