2m Autowerks Xmas Toy Drive, Julian


This last Saturday (12/17/16) consisted of an adventurous Christmas donation event for Rady’s Children’s Hospital hosted by 2m Autowerks. Many toys were donated at 2m; the initial meetup located off of Commerce Avenue. As steaming coffee was provided along with sweet frosted donuts from Dunkin’s, people gathered in the small lot chattering excitedly about BMW’s and their plans for theirs. It was soon time to Caravan to Julian. Engines roared to life as people hastily rushed to the front of the car line. Having brought the only JDM vehicle (my partner in crime), the 2-4-oh, I made sure to stay towards the rear. We were off! BMW’s blazed through the streets, a few other makes and models coursed through such as a Mustang, Camaro and even a smart car… Here’s a small view of the event through my eyes…

After taking a pause at Dudley’s Bakery where more photography took place and the meeting of new people, the drive ensued through Julian and around Lake Cuyamaca. Spits of ice and snow dotted the brown grasses and rocky cliff sides along the roads as flocks of scavenging turkeys scurried for cover. Luckily it was my slow car that encountered a pair of deer crossing the road as I hurried to catch up with the line of cars who had sped through the same large turn just moments before. The drive ended back in San Diego at Ballast Point Brewery off of Old Grove Road. Once there, a much needed Wahoo White with a Mai Tai shot was happily enjoyed. ‘Twas a successful toy drive with 2m and the chill bimmer crowd this Christmas season! How did you donate this year?

Extreme Auto Fest 2016, Qualcomm

This last Saturday (7/30/2016) was spent on the hot tarmac of Qualcomm’s expansive parking lot. Only a true car enthusiast would tolerate waiting in the ever intensifying heat; a dreary view of a line of cars snaking endlessly ahead. Once past the security check however, the energy buzzes once more as competitors feverishly wipe down their cars before the real sweltering sun hour strikes down. A car show consisting of variety, locals, socializing, vendors, legal racing and awesome rides… Here is a portion of EAF through my eyes:

















Cars & Coffee: Porsche Day, La Jolla

Today (June 25, 2016) was Cars and Coffee Porsche Day at the Lot in La Jolla. Despite driving down Fay Avenue somewhat out of place in the 240, on lookers gawked; eyes hungrily scanning for even greater uniqueness. Both young and old lined the sidewalk in huddles of bound energy amidst the street parked Porsches. Upon reaching the front of the chic Mediterranean restaurant and outdoor patio, it was apparent that the camera was going to be an issue… Here is just a peak at CnC La Jolla through my eyes  as I sadly made the rookie mistake of not bringing a back up battery!




There will be another CnC La Jolla next month; I have provided a link to their event page. Look out for their updates! Will definitely be returning for more!http://carsandcoffeelajolla.com/

SoCal Euro 2015, Qualcomm Stadium SD

Sunday September 6th was the day of SoCal Euro 2015! A vendor car show designated for enthusiasts of European cars as well as the vendors appealing to these makes and models. There were plenty of bimmers, imports trickled throughout the parking lot… and what most came for; clean exotics that don’t need much else other then their presence… and perhaps a quick rev ear job! Here are some images of SoCal Euro through my eyes:

Extreme AutoFest 2015, Qualcomm Stadium SD

On July 25th, a good 12 hours were spent by many in the baking heat at San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium, where an annual car show called Extreme AutoFest was underway. In the early hours, car enthusiasts vigorously wipe and re-clean their prized autos which will be judged for category based trophies. Extreme AutoFest is a car show that includes drag strip races, car part+food vendors, a beer garden, DJ’s from local car crews favoring hip hop as well as a large stage with performers. Here are just a few shots from this year’s Extreme AutoFest Car Show with my car crew; Stanced and Enhanced [S&E]!

Fuddruckers Meet, Mira Mesa

I’m a bit late on this post; however, on the last Thursday of every month a large car meet known as the “Fudds Meet” takes place at the Fuddruckers restaurant parking lot off of Mira Mesa Boulevard. Many car enthusiasts pull through for this meet; guaranteeing a fun turn out with the motto that it’s not always about the cars, but the people! A variety of cars can be seen here (I only captured a few), all makes and models are welcome and appreciated. Last month’s meet (April 30th) had plenty of 240sx builds present! This is my perspective of Fudds last month:

If you’re ever in the neighborhood on the last Thursday of each month, be sure to check out this meet! From 7pm-9pm+ at the Fuddruckers off of Mira Mesa Boulevard, San Diego.

Cars & Coffee, Carlsbad

Today (4/25/15), I drove up to Carlsbad (SD) once more but rather than for flowers, it was for a car meet; Cars and Coffee. Of course it had rained over night and large droplets of rain attached themselves to my once clean machine; adding multiple facets to its surface in the overcast light. The drive up consisted of contrasting Shania Twain inspiration as I dove and dodged through slow Saturday morning traffic.  This was the first Cars and Coffee Car meet I was going to and as I pulled up to the outlets parking lot, low and behold the flower fields I had just recently visited, sat upon the hill behind it. My caffeine deprived eyes found the corner Starbucks immediately as I pulled into the parking lot where people loitered around wealthy car makes and models. I made my round trying to find the least conspicuous parking spot; no I don’t think my car should be next to the Ferrari… Shutting off the engine and opening the door; I slung my camera around my neck. After purchasing a Java Chip Frap, I began walking around meeting new, chill car enthusiasts. This is the car meet through my eyes:

Cars and Coffee Carlsbad meets are every Saturday Morning; 7am-9am(ish) located in the outlets mall at 5620 Paseo Del Norte, Carlsbad. If you are a car enthusiast, or have an interest in cars you should check it out! You can also check out their Facebook page linked here: https://www.facebook.com/CarsCoffeeCarlsbad?fref=ts

Hot Import Nights; Del Mar Fairgrounds

This evening (4/4/15) was full of rave music, shiny polished machinery and many young people holding up facades as they continue to try to be the next coolest figure in the car scene. Hot Import Nights is a car show and event held all over the country. It was the first year that HIN was held here at SD’s very own Del Mar Fairgrounds. I met and networked with a lot of new chill car “peeps” in the process of photographing these sweet rides. So here are just a few of the awesome builds from my eyes:

You can check out HIN’s scheduled future venue dates here; http://www.hotimportnights.com/