Extreme AutoFest 2015, Qualcomm Stadium SD

On July 25th, a good 12 hours were spent by many in the baking heat at San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium, where an annual car show called Extreme AutoFest was underway. In the early hours, car enthusiasts vigorously wipe and re-clean their prized autos which will be judged for category based trophies. Extreme AutoFest is a car show that includes drag strip races, car part+food vendors, a beer garden, DJ’s from local car crews favoring hip hop as well as a large stage with performers. Here are just a few shots from this year’s Extreme AutoFest Car Show with my car crew; Stanced and Enhanced [S&E]!

Cars & Coffee, Carlsbad

Today (4/25/15), I drove up to Carlsbad (SD) once more but rather than for flowers, it was for a car meet; Cars and Coffee. Of course it had rained over night and large droplets of rain attached themselves to my once clean machine; adding multiple facets to its surface in the overcast light. The drive up consisted of contrasting Shania Twain inspiration as I dove and dodged through slow Saturday morning traffic.  This was the first Cars and Coffee Car meet I was going to and as I pulled up to the outlets parking lot, low and behold the flower fields I had just recently visited, sat upon the hill behind it. My caffeine deprived eyes found the corner Starbucks immediately as I pulled into the parking lot where people loitered around wealthy car makes and models. I made my round trying to find the least conspicuous parking spot; no I don’t think my car should be next to the Ferrari… Shutting off the engine and opening the door; I slung my camera around my neck. After purchasing a Java Chip Frap, I began walking around meeting new, chill car enthusiasts. This is the car meet through my eyes:

Cars and Coffee Carlsbad meets are every Saturday Morning; 7am-9am(ish) located in the outlets mall at 5620 Paseo Del Norte, Carlsbad. If you are a car enthusiast, or have an interest in cars you should check it out! You can also check out their Facebook page linked here: https://www.facebook.com/CarsCoffeeCarlsbad?fref=ts