Dog Days, Mira Mesa & Balboa

I have recently been going to a couple of local dog parks to let free the beast…my “project” Husky. At one of Mira Mesa’s dog parks many huskies attend; evident in the photos below. I also was able to get an adorable shot of the future dog I want; a Keeshond, at Balboa Park’s dog park. The fun part of shooting at dog parks is the valuable practice for capturing many canine behaviors and expressions. And there is usually a vast array of dog breeds of course! Here are just a few shots of some dogs through my eyes:

Some dog parks to check out in the San Diego area; Maddox Park (lots of huskies), Balboa Park Nate’s Point (very large), Poway Dog Park (Has small, medium, and large breed sections). More photos will be added soon from my recent travel to Del Mar Dog Beach! In the mean time, here is a useful link if you’re looking to take your partner in crime to a new park in San Diego County:

Fuddruckers Meet, Mira Mesa

I’m a bit late on this post; however, on the last Thursday of every month a large car meet known as the “Fudds Meet” takes place at the Fuddruckers restaurant parking lot off of Mira Mesa Boulevard. Many car enthusiasts pull through for this meet; guaranteeing a fun turn out with the motto that it’s not always about the cars, but the people! A variety of cars can be seen here (I only captured a few), all makes and models are welcome and appreciated. Last month’s meet (April 30th) had plenty of 240sx builds present! This is my perspective of Fudds last month:

If you’re ever in the neighborhood on the last Thursday of each month, be sure to check out this meet! From 7pm-9pm+ at the Fuddruckers off of Mira Mesa Boulevard, San Diego.

Cars & Coffee, Carlsbad

Today (4/25/15), I drove up to Carlsbad (SD) once more but rather than for flowers, it was for a car meet; Cars and Coffee. Of course it had rained over night and large droplets of rain attached themselves to my once clean machine; adding multiple facets to its surface in the overcast light. The drive up consisted of contrasting Shania Twain inspiration as I dove and dodged through slow Saturday morning traffic.  This was the first Cars and Coffee Car meet I was going to and as I pulled up to the outlets parking lot, low and behold the flower fields I had just recently visited, sat upon the hill behind it. My caffeine deprived eyes found the corner Starbucks immediately as I pulled into the parking lot where people loitered around wealthy car makes and models. I made my round trying to find the least conspicuous parking spot; no I don’t think my car should be next to the Ferrari… Shutting off the engine and opening the door; I slung my camera around my neck. After purchasing a Java Chip Frap, I began walking around meeting new, chill car enthusiasts. This is the car meet through my eyes:

Cars and Coffee Carlsbad meets are every Saturday Morning; 7am-9am(ish) located in the outlets mall at 5620 Paseo Del Norte, Carlsbad. If you are a car enthusiast, or have an interest in cars you should check it out! You can also check out their Facebook page linked here:

The Flower Fields, Carlsbad

This last Sunday; Easter Sunday (4/4/15), I made the small trip to finally seeing the Flower Fields in Carlsbad! Dragging my unsuspecting sister along for the ride. Maybe I’m lame for wanting to see flowers on a field but I don’t care! It was a very cute setup; spacious with a home garden feel. This particular Sunday they had craft stands of an array of handmade trinkets such as driftwood element wind chimes and cute 3D beaded characters and critters. Of course there was the wafting scent of fresh kettle corn upon the breeze and fresh lemonade available for purchase; reminiscent of the local San Diego Fair. There were tractor rides and things for kids to do like pan for gold! Here are some Images through my eyes:

The Flower Fields are open until May 10th! Check out their website at this link for scheduled events and more info:

Hot Import Nights; Del Mar Fairgrounds

This evening (4/4/15) was full of rave music, shiny polished machinery and many young people holding up facades as they continue to try to be the next coolest figure in the car scene. Hot Import Nights is a car show and event held all over the country. It was the first year that HIN was held here at SD’s very own Del Mar Fairgrounds. I met and networked with a lot of new chill car “peeps” in the process of photographing these sweet rides. So here are just a few of the awesome builds from my eyes:

You can check out HIN’s scheduled future venue dates here;

Side Tour to Karl Strauss Brewery, Sorrento Mesa

A spontaneous side tour through Mira Mesa, landed me at the doorstep of Karl Strauss in Sorrento Mesa. I have never been to a Karl Strauss and had been wanting to see the venue based in Carlsbad, but today (4/1/15) the Sorrento location would have to do. It was actually more quaint than I had expected, but pleasantly so, a calming Japanese garden styled oasis hidden amongst and within the surrounding business buildings. Here are just some snapshots of the airy and bright brewery through my eyes:

Views at La Jolla Cove

Today’s adventure (3/31/15) consisted of taking the 240, “My Boii,” over to La Jolla Cove. Being from SD this is not an uncommon trip; we all know the feeling of the kiss of the warm dewy wind, the whip of sand across the skin, and the sound of the everlasting crashing waves. However, today was about catching some glimpses of one of our city’s finest. So here’s a view of La Jolla from my perspective:

Hi Everyone!

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